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Face Mask Sewing Tutorials + Printable Patterns

With the recent outbreaks of the corona virus (Covid_19), people have realized the benefits to wearing face masks when out in public spaces, whether grocery shopping or commuting to work. The following video playlist of free mask sewing tutorials will not show you how to make an N-95 mask. However, it may help you and your family if you have nothing else to wear, or you can’t get out to buy some. There are a couple of different patterns and styles of face masks to sew, choose one that you feel may suit you best. These sewing projects are fairly simple, quick, and fun. If you have children at home, get them involved! A wonderful teaching opportunity!

Watch now:


Duck bill style face mask

tula pink face mask sewing project

Printable Face Mask Tutorials and Patterns:

  1. Charmed By Ashleyprintable tutorial

  2. ShannieMakesprintable tutorial

  3. SaltyDIYprintable tutorial

  4. Jennifer Makerpatterns

Customize and sew your own!


Surgical style face mask


More sewing projects:

Covid19 Sewing Warriors Worldwide

Covid 19 Sewing Warriors and Maskforces

Face Mask Sewing ePatterns – Designer Bundles, Multi-size, Multi-style, Multi-format

hair scrunchie sewing tutorial

hair scrunchies

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Glasses Case with a Hidden Surprise

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