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Sew and Sell - Advice, Tips, and Quick Projects

Advice for choosing quick and easy projects to sew and sell, pricing tips, and proven best-sellers!

Sewing is an excellent way to our spend free time. It's fun to shop for fabrics, notions, machines, and all of the goodies. Thanks to digital patterns, videos every day, and written sewing tutorials online, we have access to everything we need to learn more and more about sewing techniques every day. Sewing is also excellent for stress relief and our overall mental health. Sewing can be a fabulous way to create a nice full or part-time income from home. There are many places to sell your sewing projects. Craft and art festivals, markets,

local makers spaces, and brick and mortar shops. We can also sell sewing projects online on websites such as Folksy, Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and within most Facebook groups.

The key to a successful sewing gig is creating useful products that people want. The video playlist below showcases many interesting projects that are quick and easy to sew, fun and useful, and many of them use very little fabric. Some of them can be sewn using fabric scraps you already have sitting around your sewing room unused.

Bookmark this page and come back for more inspiration and ideas whenever you need them.

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  2. Sew to Sell Helping Hands Card Holders Helps Children and Arthritis Sufferers to Hold Playing Cards by Christine's Home Affairs

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  5. Sewing for Sales: Helpful Tips to Know Before You Begin! by Virginia Lindsay

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  8. My Small Businesses Best Selling Item - Two-Toned Snack Bags! by Jess OklaRoots

  9. Sew to Sell Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Craft Markets - Easy Sewing by Christine's Home Affairs

  10. Five Things to Sew and Sell with a Sewing Business by Tania Sutherland

  11. Must-Try - Five Easy Projects to Sew, Sell, and Gift in 2022! by Thoughtful Creativity - CRAFT, SEW, DIY

  12. Three Easy Fashion Accessories to Sew and Sell by Future Fashion Designers

  13. 40 Days of Sewing Business Ideas - Kitchen Sewing Ideas by Sewpreneur

  14. Sew to Sell - My Best Selling Products Using Scrap Fabric and Rescued Upholstery Fabrics by Christine's Home Affairs

  15. 10 Sewing Pattern Companies That Allow You to Sell Your Makes From Their Patterns by Katelynn Hegedus Sewing


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