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30-Minute Sewing Projects from Rosery Apparel

Janelle from Rosery Apparel in Tasmania, Australia shares her best 30-minute sewing projects to inspire others, and as of March 2020, Janelle started creating her sewing pattern line. Projects include a round gathered cushion, fabric bowl covers, reusable shopping bags, ruffled tablecloth, a great laptop case, a lined tote bag, ruffled cushion cover, and a sweet waist apron. Some of the free templates for these sewing projects can be found here. These projects make lovely gifts and useful accessories to use every day. I took a look through Janelle's patterns on her website and found some very pretty dresses and skirts to sew, available in digital format or as a hard copy shipped to your home! Check those out too if you like to sew garments.

Watch part one:

Watch part two:

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