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15 Free Sewing Patterns Perfect for Spring

A video round-up by Alexandra Burnett

Alexandra Burnett shares 15 wonderful and FREE sewing patterns for spring garments in this video! Spring tops from Cool Stitches, Fabric Store, Grainline Studio, and Paradise Pattern. A nice wide-leg pants pattern from Peppermint Magazine. Skirt patterns from Grasser, Sew Mag, and Peppermint Magazine. A nice casual and comfy loungewear pattern from Peppermint Magazine, and Devin linen PJs from Fabric Store. A fun jumpsuit pattern from Peppermint Magazine, a jacket pattern from Fabric Store, and dress patterns from both Rosery Apparel and The Essentials Club.

Watch now:

Links below for these free sewing pattern downloads for Spring:

  1. The Elliot front tie top from Cool Stitches - is the first pattern for free but if you’d like to support Cool Stitches just name your price. Once you check out the link to the epattern will be sent to your email so you can download, print it, and sew.

  2. The Pua tank top - recently renamed to Bloom top from Paradise Pattern

  3. The Augustina top from Fabric Store

  4. The Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studios

  5. A silk skirt from Grasser

  6. The Iris ruffle skirt from Sew Mag

  7. A wrap skirt from Peppermint Magazine

  8. An easy button-up skirt from The Essentials Club

  9. The Paola Workwear jacket from Fabric Store

  10. A wide-leg pants from Peppermint Magazine

  11. A lounge-wear set from Peppermint Magazine

  12. The Devin linen PJs from Fabric Store

  13. A fun jumpsuit from Peppermint Magazine

  14. A cute dress from Rosery Apparel

  15. A comfortable and casual slip dress from The Essentials Club

Learn more about Alexandra Burnett as a sewer:

Alexandra answers frequently asked questions about her sewing journey to give us an idea as to who she is as a sewer! Such a lovely, bubbly, and down-to-earth personality!

Watch now:


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