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Summer Sewing for the Backyard, Cottage, Patio, or Porch – Free Video Series

Make outdoor living more comfortable and beautiful no matter where you are, with these free video tutorials that show us how to sew simple soft furnishings, umbrellas, shades, chairs, lounges, hammocks, grill covers, and more.  Sew your new patio on a budget and upcycle your materials, or invest in Sunbrella which *IS* the best canvas you can buy for outdoor living.  Make sure you use UV resistant thread!  Remember that the color red fades the fastest and first. Closed cell foam is perfect for cushions meant for outside because it offers excellent  waterproofing qualities, making it both air and water tight.  This is also what gives the material its ability to prevent water damage.

More summer sewing projects and ideas at SWN:

Annika Victoria's Patterns & Sews an Asymmetrical Skirt/Skort!


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