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Spring and Summer T-shirt Sewing Inspiration

How to Sew a T-shirt – WithWendy

Watch Wendy sew this nice basic t-shirt using cotton knit fabric and an existing t-shirt for a pattern.  Wendy also shows how the same steps to construct the t-shirt can be modified to create a different fit across different bodies.

Knit Fabrics at FabricMart

Knit Fabrics at FabricMart

More t-shirt sewing tutorials:

How to Pattern and Sew Your Favorite T-shirt with MimiG:

Sew a Simple T-Shirt Dress with Cheri Heaton and Martha Stewart

Cheri Heaton, author of the blog “I am Momma Hear Me Roar,” sews a sweet and comfortable girls’ dress from recycled t-shirts.


PDF Sewing Pattern for T-shirts and Dresses for Spring and Summer:

Itch to Stitch Carey Ad 1 300 x 300

Itch to Stitch Digital Sewing Pattern Ad Idyllwild 2 300 x 300

Itch To Stitch Digital Sewing Pattern Marbella Ad 2 200 x 200

Sewing Tutorials at SWN:

Shift Dress Drafting and Sewing tutorial

Online T-shirt Sewing Classes:

Sewing Knits That Fit


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