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Some of the Best Serger Tips and Techniques – Free Video Series

We curated a playlist just for you with some of the very best and most useful FREE serger sewing video tips and tutorials we could find!  Many of the top sewing professionals share their expertise and experience with sergers.

Check the top left corner of the video for a list of titles to inform and inspire you to use a serger. Watch the entire playlist at your leisure, or cherry pick a few titles to get your mojo going!

Janome 8002D Serger & FREE BONUS from:, Inc.

More about sergers at SWN:

Serger Tip Clips
How to Change Colours on a Threaded Overlocker/Serger Machine
What Does a Serger Do?
What Does a Serger Do?

Serger Tension Solution

  1. Video: The “Secret” to Taming your Serger!

  2. Topic: What the difference is between three and four thread serger?

  3. Video: Serger Tension Solution

  4. Topic: Problem keeping my serger threaded

  5. Sewing Channel: Serger Reviews

  6. Video: Serger Sewing: How To Thread Your Serger For 4 Thread Overlock

  7. Video: Bernette 335 Serger

  8. Video: Londa explains serger threading

  9. Topic: Electronic sergers vs mechanial sergers

  10. Video: Pintucking Using a Serger with Angela Wolf

  11. Topic: Is Your Serger Stitching Correctly – FashionSewingBlogTV

  12. Video: Beginner’s Guide to Serging (Ep 5): Stabilizing Seams + More About Tension

  13. Topic: What is the Difference Between Sewing Thread & Serger Thread….

  14. Album: Serger Machines and Projects

  15. Topic: Serger Recommendations?

Singer Serger Ball Point Needles – Size 14

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