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Simple Sewing Series for Beginners with Farmhouse on Boone

Do you finally want to learn how to sew in 2019? Join Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone, in her fabulous simple sewing series, where she guides you through all of the sewing basics. Learn how to thread a sewing machine, how to sew a seam, how to make a hem and everything sewing 101.  A very straight-forward sewing video series for every beginner, and anyone who would like to refresh their sewing skills. 

Subscribe to Farmhouse on Boone and join Lisa and her sweet family as they create and discover simple beauty throughout their everyday lives in their farmhouse: simple natural living, cooking from scratch, and a handmade home full of love and inspiration each week!

Watch the Simple Sewing Series:


Singer Simple 3223G Sewing Machine from:, Inc.


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