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Simple Circle Vest Pattern – Free PDF + Sewing Tutorial

Simple Vest Pattern + Sewing Tutorial

Here’s how to sew a circle scarf or vest for a quick fashion accessory project you’ll love all year round.  Circle vests and scarves can be created from any fabric that has no distinguishable right or wrong side.  A nice soft tweed style wool, winter fleece, or a solid color double knit works with this project.  This free sewing pattern and tutorial will show you how to sew a circle-style vest that can be worn two ways, creating two different looks. This vest can be worn as either a regular vest, which looks great belted over a pair of jeans. Or, wear it as an easy, unstructured bolero-style cardigan/vest.  

How To Sew a Faux Fur Vest – from pinkchocolatebreak

Fabric Mart


What you’ll need:

  1. – 1 yard/meter of faux fur fabric

  2. – a blazer to trace for the fit

  3. – thread

  4. – fabric scissors

  5. – pins

  6. – sewing machine

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