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Sewing with Faux Fur – Free Tips, Tricks, + Tutorials

Faux fur, also called fake fur, is any material made of cellulose or synthetic fibers usually designed to resemble animal fur. Faux fur is typically used for creating accessories, and garments for cold weather. Warm and cozy for slippers, collars, mittens, boot cuffs, and jacket lining.  Faux fur usually has a knit fabric backing and is also very commonly used in costume sewing. Soft toys, bedding, there is so much you can do with faux fur. Faux fur was first introduced in 1929 and has been commercially available since the 1950’s!  

Erin Weisbart of Tuesday Stitches shares her tips for cutting faux fur and minimizing fluff, taming the faux fur beast!  Erin discusses ten ways to cut and sew faux fur easier and with less frustration.


Laura Coia of Sew Very Easy offers her excellent advice for sewing with a cuddle faux fur and shows us how she stitches a gorgeous, luxurious throw.

Sewing a faux fur Halloween costume?  Fabricdotcom shows us that sewing with faux fur is easier than we think!  Finding the nap, cutting, sewing with and without a seam allowance, using a walking foot, needles, trimming faux fur, and more.

“A new way to make a faux fur hand muff with a pocket for your phone. It is reversible and washable and is as soft and as a fluffy pillow.” – Laura Coia Sew Very Easy

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