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Sew Unisex Kids Pants – Free Sewing Pattern + Tutorial from Zune’s Sewing Therapy

A quick sewing project and easy to wear elastic-waist pull-on pant sewing pattern for kids in eight sizes from six months to five years. These pants can be worn as pajama pants, casual pants, or pants for school depending on the type of fabric you decide to use. These simple pants are fabulous stitched from corduroy, twill, fleece, denim, flannel, etc. There is an adjust line so you can lengthen or shorten to a desired length. Sewers can also crop this epattern to make different types of capris or shorts. Thank you to Zune’s Sewing Therapy for this free pattern download. (Subscribe to the newsletter to download the free epattern!)

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Free Sewing ePatterns for Kids Pants!

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