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Sew Many Days with Green Renaissance

“Gina is a stitcher – a storyteller – an artist. She describes her journey through life via needle and thread. And uses her art to work through her thoughts and feelings, as a way of resolving anything that is worrying her. We all need an outlet. What is yours? You can pin things down and stitch things in. If it’s emotions or thoughts, you’ve made something out of something that was sitting inside you or worrying you. – Gina Niederhumer”

Who is Green Renaissance? GR is a tiny collective of four passionate filmmakers who live off-grid and dedicate their time to making films that they hope will inspire and share ideas. To see more of Gina’s work, visit

More about Green Renaissance:

More at SWN:

SPOUT- quilt pattern - baby quilt/wallhanging pattern featuring whales and pinwheels


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