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Sew a Simple Lined Faux Fur Vest

A fun sewing project to create a fun lined faux fur vest that is great for any beginner garment sewer, because there is no pattern required. The folks from Tanner Bell demonstrate how to use an existing garment to create your own custom vest pattern. Watch the entire sewing process and learn some sewing techniques. 

Faux fur, also called fake fur, is any material made of cellulose or synthetic fibers usually designed to resemble animal fur. Faux fur is typically used for creating accessories, and garments for cold weather. Warm and cozy for slippers, collarsmittensboot cuffs, and jacket lining.  Faux fur usually has a knit fabric backing and is also very commonly used in costume sewing… [read more about sewing with faux fur at SWN here]

More faux fur sewing projects featured at SWN:


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