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Sew a Cozy Winter Leisure Suit – Free Sewing Patterns – from Zoe DIY

A free step-by-step video sewing tutorial from Zoe DIY and free pattern downloads for both pants and top available in sizes XXS to XL.

Watch now:

A leisure suit is a casual garment consisting of a jacket and matching pants usually created with stretch fabrics such as winter fleece, jersey knit, double-knit, sweater knit, stretch velvet, terry knit, and any mid-weight stretch fabric.  Leisure suits are now usually worn at home as casual wear, or active-wear.  Leisure suits are also known today as track suits, yoga wear, sports wear, etc.  A very comfortable versatile garment.  Leisure suits originated on the west coast of the US in the late 1930’s as summer casual-wear and are still being offered and worn today. Leisure suits became increasingly popular by offering a stylish, inexpensive garment which can be worn comfortably in a formal business setting, and casual enough to be worn out of the workplace setting.  

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