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Learn How to Sew Shorts – a Free Video Tutorial from Teach Me Fashion


This simple shorts sewing pattern is extremely versatile and can be used to make a number of different shorts styles (summer shorts, boxer shorts etc.) depending on your choice of fabric.

Sewing tips & techniques in the video tutorial:

* Sewing a side pocket * Sewing a French seam * Sewing in tucks * Putting elastic through a waistband * Sewing up a curved hem * Matching checks on the fabric

Recommended Fabrics: Light to medium-weight cotton or cotton blend. A synthetic fabric with a similar handle to cotton would also be suitable.

* Difficulty: Easy

how to sew shorts teach me fashion 2

Also known as a summer shorts, boxer shorts, cute shorts, fitness shorts.

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Happy Sewing! Teach Me Fashion Team © 2015 Teach Me Fashion


Sewing Summer Shorts at SWN:

Annika Victoria's Patterns & Sews an Asymmetrical Skirt/Skort!

Annika Victoria’s Patterns & Sews an Asymmetrical Skirt/Skort!

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