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Kristin Omdahl Creative Entrepreneur + Free Sewing Series

Meet Kristin Omdahl, a creative entrepreneur who believes in sharing, creating, and inspiring others to do the same!  Watch her videos for tons of inspiration, and ideas. Kristin’s tutorials on crocheting, knitting, sewing, crafting, and healthy budget-friendly recipes are available each week. Kristin offers free sewing patterns (YES!!!!!) to inspire and share her knowledge using basic yet very practical sewing projects that everyone can use.

Watch her free sewing pattern series below:

Kristin’s Free Sewing Patterns:

Sewing Series Project List:

  1. How to Sew an EASY Drawstring Bag with Flat Bottom FREE DIY Sewing Pattern 2:47 minutes long

  2. How to Sew a Roll Up Case for Crochet Hooks, Makeup Brushes or Coloring Pencils 2:56 minutes long

  3. How to Sew an Easy Soothing Eye Pillow with Lavender and Rice 1:23 minutes long

  4. How to Sew a Lined Drawstring Bag with Flat Bottom 3:01 minutes long

  5. How to Make a Lined Tote Bag  FREE Sewing Pattern 2:56 minutes long

  6. How to Sew Reversible Pinafore Apron with Deep Pockets Great Quick & Easy Gift  3:22 minutes long

For more about these projects and others check out the Free Sewing Patterns category at Kristin’s web site.  The fabric collection being used when creating these videos is called “Day of the Dragonfly“. A quilting fabric collection 2016 by Kristin Omdahl for Blank Manufacturing.

Make requests and ask questions! Kristin loves to engage with viewers all the time.

Please subscribe to Kristin Omdahl’s channel here!

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