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How to Turn a Tube Right-side Out

Melly Sews shows us five ways to turn a long strip of fabric with a seam, such as a bag strap, or arms and legs for a doll. Five ways to turn straps right side out when sewing – using a tube turner, a loop turner, and a safety pin. Melly Sews also offers a well-written blog post with a photo tutorial, as well as more information and links are here.

How to Turn a Tube the Easy Way

Laura Coia from Sew Very Easy demonstrates with the “Turn it all” tool! Turn-it-All is a quick way to turn all your fabric tubes. Now you can turn any size and length of material easily, without any frustration. Great to use for spaghetti straps, scrunchies, quilting decorations, doll parts and more. Set includes 6 pieces -3 tubes and 3 rods.


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