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How to Sew a Simple Turtleneck Sweater Dress – Comicat Creations

Learn how to sew this simple classic turtleneck in this free step-by-step sewing tutorial – no pattern needed! You can make it in a dress length, or shirt length. This project requires a heavy sweater knit for a warm top for winter, or use a lighter/medium weight knit to make a top that’s great for layering… a versatile and comfortable garment.  Since an existing long-sleeve shirt is used as a template, you can sew it any size you’d like, from petite to plus size women’s or even a child/kid sized turtle neck. In Comicat Creations‘ video we will learn how to cut and sew the bodice, learn how to make a sleeve pattern, cut, and sew the sleeves, how to cut and stitch the turtleneck, and how to hem the edges. Monika also offers tips for sewing with stretch knit fabric.


  1. 2 yards of a stretch knit fabric (although if you’re making a shirt length or kids size, you’ll use less)

  2. long sleeve shirt that fits you (or the person you’re sewing for) to use as a template (don’t worry, it won’t get cut up or destroyed)

  3. tracing or tissue paper for making the sleeve pattern

  4. basic sewing supplies – sewing machine, thread, scissors, ball point needle, pins, tape measure, chalk, etc.

Watch the free tutorial now:

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