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Free Grocery Tote Download and Video Tutorial with Chris W Designs – “I’d Rather B

You can stitch the nicest grocery bags in town with this free video and PDF download from Chris W Designs.  Warmer weather brings us the outdoor markets, seasonal produce, and lots of coming and going!  Carry everything you need in a sturdy tote that you sewed yourself with this free sewing project. Fast and easy to sew, this tote can be stitched together in an evening.  A simple technique to add some piping for definition and style, the tote is unlined and will fold nice and flat for easy storage. Sewn from home decorator fabrics, your tote will be durable and neatly finished with French seams. You could also use this bag as a beach bag, pool bag, or a project bag.  

Personalize your tote with fun machine embroidery, applique, or purchase the I’d Rather Be Sewing design from Chris W Designs here.  

The I’d Rather Be Sewing Tote requires minimal hardware / supplies, making it easy to sew more than one for yourself and your friends, – 

or make them to sell!

More from Chris W Designs at Etsy:

Designer PDF Bag Sewing Patterns for Purses and by ChrisWDesigns

Designer PDF Bag Sewing Patterns for Purses and by ChrisWDesigns

More about French seams:

A French seam is a seam that encloses the entire seam allowance on the inside, and makes the wrong side of any sewing project look clean and finished. No raw edges are visible, which eliminates the need for a second seam finish such as a zig-zag.  A French seam is difficult to sew on a curve, but you can do it with very a narrow seam allowance.  A French seam is ideal for sewing with fine fabrics such as chiffon or silk, or any fabrics that might FRAY!

Using a French seam when making a grocery bag will give it extra strength and rigidity.  

A French seam is created with two lines of stitching,  the first stitches are done with the wrong sides of the fabric together, and then the second line is sewn with the fabric folded over the seam allowances so the right sides are together. 

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