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Easy Ladies T-shirt with Gathered Waist + 10 Free T-shirt Sewing Tutorials

easy womens tshirt with a gathered waist - free sewing tutorial

Last summer Autumn, from It’s Always Autumn shared a really nice free pattern for a ladies size large t-shirt – which is apparently the easiest-to-sew women’s t-shirt ever. The original free pattern can be found in this post.  Autumn then ended up sewing eight more variations because she found the pattern easy to use and the shirt is so basic and fast to sew up. There is even a color blocked version and a second printable pattern for a Raglan sleeve t-shirt (both patterns are size large). Since the weather has warmed back up,  Autumn made a few more versions, including this sweet gathered waist easy t-shirt.

How To Sew – Hemming Knits and Stretch Fabrics – from smarmyclothes

Online Sewing Class

10 Free T-shirt Sewing Tutorials:

T-shirts sewn by you @ SWN!


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