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Beginner Sewing: Sew a Summer Tank Top

Learn how to sew this simple tank top in this free sewing tutorial for beginners from Farmhouse on Boone. Basic sewing skills, and a yard and a half of fabric are all we need to start stitching this basic top.  These tops can be worn all year round in all climates as part of a layered combination, or worn on it’s own in hot weather and climates. Add lace or trim to create a one-of-a-kind garment.

The other day I found this amazing fabric circa 1982 from the thrift shop. It gave me the perfect opportunity to create some tanks I’ve been wanting to make. You know what’s funny about my sewing tutorials? The videos take hours upon hours to make, but the ones where I just sit down and start talking to the camera get more views. I just love sewing so much I make them anyway, and trying my best to convert you all to sewing lovers along the way! The whole tutorial and video is now #ontheblog Sew up a simple summer wardrobe! #sewing #diytanktop #sewyourownclothes #sewingproject #sewingtutorial #sewingblog #sewingblogger #stlbloggers

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Sew a classic tank top sewn in a linen cotton blend fabric.  Easy wear and care.  Light fabric that breathes and dries quickly. Wash in gentle cool water, lay flat or hang to dry.  A garment for all seasons.

Even more info about this particular sewing project can be found by clicking here!


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