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45+ Free Sewing Projects for the Kitchen – Video Series

Learn how to sew and create useful, and attractive accessories for your kitchen with this free video series full of practical sewing projects to make any kitchen more efficient and stylish!

(links lead to more free or very low-cost patterns)

  1. table runners

  2. table toppers

  3. bowl protectors

  4. tea towels

  5. hot pads

  6. small appliance covers

  7. curtains

  8. chair covers

  9. aprons

  10. oven gloves

  11. fabric towel rolls

  12. pot-holder/dish towels

  13. microwaveable baked-potato bags

  14. oven mitts

  15. grocery bag holders

  16. placemats

  17. coasters

  18. pie plate covers

  19. bowl covers

  20. bees wax food wraps

  21. cutlery wrap/pouch + napkins

  22. tablecloths

  23. cast iron pot handle covers

  24. and more!

More sewing projects like this featured at SWN:

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Quilted Hexagon Potholder - Towel Free PDF Pattern
Sew an Insulated Casserole Carrier with Melanie Ham

Hexagon Pumpkin or Ornament Table Runner Quilt
How to Sew an Insulated Bowl Cover / Cozy - Free Sewing Tutorial

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