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11 Easy Sewing Tips and Pro Tricks You Should Know

When it comes to sewing, it can be incredibly helpful to know about some of the best tips and tricks to follow. After all, sewing can be a potentially tricky task in some instances, and any tips or tricks that can help to offset this are always worth considering! Luckily, we’re on hand today to give you some further support and ideas about how to improve your own sewing efforts, so you can make the most of every opportunity!

11 Easy Sewing Tips and Tricks To Follow

Sewing – it’s great fun, but at times, things can go wrong. To this end, knowing about some of the following tips and tricks may help you find the best solutions for your needs – and we’re on hand today to help you find out more about these!

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best tips to implement for your own sewing efforts.

1. Keep it Fun!

Occasionally, when a project doesn’t seem to be going to plan, it can be easy to get stressed about things. However, sewing should be fun, and to this end, it’s definitely worth taking a break if you find yourself getting frustrated. Don’t keep pushing through; take some time for a breather!

2. Make a Pincushion

A surprising number of sewers don’t actually have a pincushion, and this can leave them in trouble when it comes to finding their pins and needles! However, it doesn’t need to be this way, and you can make your own DIY pincushion worst case from scraps of old, leftover material and the like!

3. Always Keep a Strong Magnet

While we all like to try and be organized, sometimes, it can be a little bit tricky to remember to put our pins and needles in the right place! However, a small bar magnet can offer an easy place to put them without having to worry about losing them – or it can help you to find the needles if they have gone astray!

4. Secure your Ruler to the Table

When it comes to measuring fabric, there’s nothing more annoying than when your ruler slips. Adding nonslip discs to your ruler or otherwise securing it to the table, though, can be a great way to prevent this from happening!

5/8″ x 60″ Tape Measure in Yellow from: The Confident Stitch

5. Always Keep your Scissors Sharpened

You never know while sewing when you might need to rely on your scissors to help you out of a tight spot. As such, it’s always worth knowing where your scissors are and keeping them well-sharpened to ensure that there’s no chance of problems arising!

6. Follow a Pattern – there’s no shame and you’ll see much better results

It can often be quite tempting to dive straight into sewing without following a pattern, but this can actually be a mistake. As such, before you start sewing anything, always ensure you’ve chosen a great pattern – this is crucial for ensuring your success overall with your project.

Image by Katja Kuitunen from Pixabay

7. Take the Time to Carefully understand all Pattern Symbols

A common mistake that people can make when it comes to learning how to sew is not following the symbols on their pattern. However, this can leave you struggling to make sense of what the pattern is suggesting – so, if you’re ever unsure on what a pattern means, make sure to look it up.

8. If You’re Struggling, Don’t be Afraid to Mark the Fabric!

If you have been finding it difficult to get the design for your latest project just right, then you may want to consider marking up the fabric. We’re not saying here that you should mark the fabric with permanent marker pens or the like, but a little chalk can go a long way. Mark up aspects of the design on your material such as darts, symbols or tucks before you begin your project for the best results.

9. Choose the Best Materials You Can Find

This again might seem like an obvious tip, but when you’re getting started with sewing in particular, it can be tempting to choose a cheap material instead of investing in high-quality materials that will offer a great quality finish. This mistake could leave you wondering where you went wrong with your efforts – so, always choose a specific fabric type that is recommended for your chosen design.

10. Understand that Fabrics Have Direction

You might be feeling a little perplexed when we say this, but give us a moment to elaborate. All fabrics have a particular direction of stretch, and you should take caution to look for this while cutting your fabric. Indeed, in the vast majority of materials, the fabric will stretch more in one direction or other – and being aware of this may help you to make the right choices for your sewing needs.

11. Don’t be Afraid to use a Sewing Machine!

This might seem like an odd tip to list first, but it’s a crucial point to mention all the same if you ask us. Indeed, many traditional hand sewers can be put off by the thought of using a sewing machine, and this is understandable; it’s not their area of expertise, and they might not want to change. 

Still, sewing machines are incredibly versatile tools and can help you to finish your sewing tightly if you’ve been struggling with a particular part. So, it’s absolutely worth considering! Of course, you should always ensure you have invested in the right type of sewing machine for the best results. Certain models of sewing machines, such as the brother sq9185 sewing machine, may be more or less suited to your unique requirements. This is definitely a tip to think about carefully to begin with!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to optimize your sewing efforts but you’ve not been quite sure where to start with this, then hopefully our 11 easy sewing tips and tricks will help you find out more! After all, there’s so much more to sewing than just threading a needle and hoping for the best – and the tips and tricks above may just help you make the most of your time and keep things neat, organized, and stress free!

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