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Warp & Weft and Straight of Grain – Woven Fabric

A woven fabric is one of the best fabric types for beginners to learn to sew with. A woven fabric is any textile created by weaving threads. Woven fabrics are created with two or more sets of threads interlaced at right angles to each other. Woven fabric is more sturdy and stable when pinned, cut and then sewn.

A woven fabric always has:

  1. a lengthwise grain – the warp

  2. a widthwise cross grain – the weft

  3. and a bias grain line

Lengthwise grain lines are called warp threads and run parallel to the selvage edge. Widthwise grain lines are known as weft threads and they run perpendicular to the lengthwise or warp grain line. The bias is just the line that exists on a 45 degree angle to the warp and weft grain lines. The bias line can’t be seen, just simply visualized. See our post about draping fabric on the imaginary bias and see what happens.

Woven fabrics are made in different widths depending how it will be used. The fabrics used for garments usually vary in width and can measure between 42″ up to 62″ wide.

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