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There’s a Better Way – Sewing Tips and Techniques from Threads

A free web-only video series by Threads Magazine

“In this free web-only video series, Threads Executive Editor Judith Neukam shares quick sewing tips, tricks, and techniques to help you sew smarter, better and faster. Visit for more expert sewing techniques, tips, and inspiration!”

Episodes in this sewing series:

  1. Use a Bill-spike to Stabilize a Thread Spool

  2. Make Your Own Tailor’s Pressing Tool

  3. Quiet Serge

  4. Double Your Tape Measure

  5. Prevent Disappearing Ink from Vanishing Too Soon

  6. DIY Faux-Velvet Board

  7. Two Great Marking Tips

  8. Use Elastic to Space Buttons

  9. Make a Thimble Liner from a Rubber Fingertip

  10. Create a Folding Design Board

There s a Better Way Sewing Tip Video Series from Threads

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