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The Brother DZ3000 + DZ3400 Sewing & Quilting Machines

Brother Sewing Machine DZ3400

The Brother Sewing Machine DZ3400:

Learn about the Brother Designio model sewing and quilting machine with so many inspiring features to enhance your creativity and bring out the innovative designer in you!  270 stitches, 14 feet, a circular sewing attachment, as well as a nice wide table for larger projects too!

Designio™ Series DZ3000 Sewing & Quilting

The Brother Designio™ Sewing and Quilting Machine DZ3000

Introducing the Brother Designio™ DZ3000 computerized sewing and quilting machine, a machine to appeal to a true artist. This feature-packed machine has been designed to help you give your projects a customized, high-end look. Features like 240 total stitches including 110 alphanumeric stitches offer an impressive assortment of added creativity perfect for any beginner designer. The circular sewing attachment will help you pivot your way to precise circles and beautiful finishes. In addition the Designio™ DZ3000 computerized sewing and quilting machine boasts an extra large LCD display, and a wide table for larger projects and the accessory tray slides off to reveal a convenient free arm. With all these great features, if you can imagine it, the DZ3000 will allow the designer in you to create it!

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