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The Aurelia Cardigan – Beginner Sewing With Knit Fabrics

The Aurelia cardigan sewing pattern from Sew Liberated is a very simple sewing project that can be stitched on a regular sewing machine. The sewing instructions offer a wonderful guide with helpful tips for sewing with knit fabrics. Sew What’s New also has an informative post on sewing ruffles, gathers, pleats, flounces, etc., here if you want more ideas, or extra help. 

100% Cotton Floral Print Voile 44W Buttercream/Dark Slate Blue/Plum/Multi

100% Cotton Floral Print Voile 44W Buttercream/Dark Slate Blue/Plum/Multi

A versatile, feminine, layering piece to compliment any wardrobe. The Aurelia cardigan is is sewn with a soft knit and a cotton voile underskirt and ruffle. A flattering cardigan to pair with a long-sleeve t-shirt, or to layer over a pretty camisole with cooler temperatures. Style it with a coordinating belt for an evening out.

Suggested fabrics: 

  1. 58″ wide knit fabric such as a jersey knit for bodice, skirt, and ruffles

  2. 45″ wide lightweight woven fabric for skirt and ruffles

This is a go-to pattern, perfect for a capsule wardrobe if you are living in a tiny space, downsizing.  Casual enough for everyday but certainly with enough style to wear on the town.  Sew more than one!  Sizes XS-XL. 

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