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Spring Storage Buckets Sewing Projects

Today we want to showcase two sewing resources offering the how-to’s to make these fun spring-loaded storage buckets. The first is a free written sewing tutorial from the folks at BadSkirt, and the second is a designer pattern from the Fat Quarter Gypsy and two videos that demonstrate the bucket being constructed.  Combine the two, take what you want from each, and create your masterpiece spring bucket(s)!

Spring bucket sewing projects featured at Sew Whats New

BadSkirt’s Spring Buckets:

The folks at BadSkirt share a free sewing tutorial to stitch these cool spring storage buckets to sew and use anywhere! They will collapse later to save space when you don’t need them. Tiny house living storage solution!? Advanced sewers can add a zippered lid, or a lid with a button loop closure. Coordinate a set to blend in with whatever decor you want. A versatile and useful result comes from this free sewing tutorial.

badskirts spring bucket sewing tutorial

BadSkirt’s Spring-form Bucket Tutorial

You can sew these home storage buckets with just about any fabric you like but consider these options and uses also:

  1. laminated cotton, oilcloth, vinyl, clear or opaque – provides a WIPE CLEAN surface

  2. acrylic or cotton canvas, heavyweight denim is washable and very durable

  3. home decor weight looks nice but hard to keep clean

  4. using vinyl or any other wipe-clean material used on the bottom, will prevent moisture from seeping through

  5. cotton prints are fun and washable.

  6. these buckets can be made with scraps from your stash, recycled fabrics, etc.

  7. made big enough, these storage buckets would be great for laundry

Fat Quarter Shop Basic of the Month Sale

The Fat Quarter Pop Up:

If you really need or just want a pattern on hand to follow; the Fat Quarter Pop Up sewing pattern is available from The Fat Quarter Gypsy. This pattern also makes a fun fabric storage container that pops up and is easy to store or take on the go, with a wire spring, it too will spring back into shape every time.

Fat Quarter Pop Up Sewing Pattern

Fat Quarter Pop Up Sewing Pattern

This sewing project is fairly easy, with a few curves that you are sewing, but they won’t be tricky tight curves.  It will feel just like you are sewing a straight line. The end result is this fantastic storage basket that can collapse later to save space.. great for camping, the bathroom, sewing room, even the kitchen.  Check out the free videos below!

Fat QUarter Pop Up Sewing Pattern

Fat Quarter Pop Up Sewing Pattern

Want more inspiration?

Check out the exuberant Mister Domestic‘s video about spring pop-up fabric baskets:

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