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Sewing Machine Troubleshooting: Upper Thread Breaking

“Usually when the upper thread breaks, you’ve got a couple of things going on. The thread could be caught on the thread spool spindle on the top or back of the machine. So, when your upper thread keeps breaking, make sure that it is not caught on the spool itself, or make sure that it is not wrapped around the bottom of the spindle. Either one of those things are going to stress your thread, and then as soon as it resists, your thread goes.  The other thing you should double-check is that your thread is actually in place. So, you want to make sure that all the channels the thread is supposed to go through are actually intact. Thread is going to break, or upper thread is going to break because it is getting caught against something. Rarely is it a problem with the needle or what is going on under the presser foot.” – Subscribe to GeoBeats



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