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Sewing Machine Repair – Common problems with stitches, threading, tension and bobbins!

Is your sewing machine feeling tired and cranky lately? Why not treat it to a day of pampering and upkeep? Indulge your sewing machine with an “oil treatment“, massage it’s tired noisy gears, tighten the belts and reset the timing.  Save money and do these relatively simple sewing machine repairs yourself at home or in the studio.

Troubleshooting tips and techniques for the beginner sewer from It’s Just Sewing:

Thread tension can be complicated and overwhelming.  It’s Just Sewing put together a little video series with sewing tips and tutorials for troubleshooting both modern and vintage sewing machine tension, jamming, and stitch quality.  Click play to watch:

In this free two-part video series Burley Sew interviews an experienced sewing machine repairman:

This repairman gives us great information about typical sewing machine issues that sewers and quilters would bring into the repair shop and how we can prevent them.

Common problems with stitches, threading, tension and bobbins:

troubleshooting sewing machine tips and instructions
Sewing Machine Troubleshooting: Upper Thread Breaking

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting: Upper Thread Breaking @ SWN

Common problems with sewing machine bottom tension,  feeding,  needles, and more:


More sewing machine maintenance videos, tips, and tricks:

DIY sewing machine repairs

Gutermann thread by LoveofFabrics on Etsy



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