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Sewing Machine Maintenance – 3 Free Tutorials for Timing, Tension and Cleaning from ManSewing

Rob demonstrates how to check for timing problems in your home sewing machine. Learn easy fixes like switching out the needle as well as diagnostic tricks that will help you know if it’s time to take your machine in for a professional mechanical adjustment or circuit repair.

Rob Appell from Man Sewing demonstrates how to check your sewing machine for tension problems. Rob shows us how to recognize the difference between loose or tight tension in the upper and lower threads as well share his diagnostic tricks to help you figure out if it’s time to take your sewing machine in for professional servicing.

Rob demonstrates how to dust and clean out tension discs, feed dogs, bobbin case and more using a bendable nylon lint brush and pipe cleaners. Learn how to lubricate and oil your home sewing machine and keep it running at peak performance. Click here to get supplies: Embroidery, Quilting & Decorative Thread

More Sewing Machine Repair and Maintenance Tutorials at SWN:

troubleshooting sewing machine tips and instructions


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