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Refashion a Skirt into a Dressy Tee

polka dot refashion skirt to shirt sewing tutorial

Miss P refashioned a simple gathered skirt into a dressy t-shirt you could wear anywhere. Skirts are a great source of fabric for refashioning! This sewing tutorial shows you what to keep, and what to cut, how to cut, and how to sew it back together. Those thrift store skirts now have much more to offer!  Even if you don’t wear skirts, check out the skirt section of your local thrift shop.  Portia, who authored this tutorial recommends looking for simple skirts gathered into a simple waistband, in a fabric and print you love. 

Refashion Thrift Store Skirt to a Shirt Sewing Project:

Well, this has the be the UGLIEST skirt at the thrift store. The fabric, which is see through with polka-dots and purple trim, stood out as a challenge for me to try and do something with it. I got the idea for the top style from a youtube channel called MeeshaTV.  She made one from new fabric, so that inspired me to try and do the same thing but to a thrifted skirt. I have to say though, the hi-lo hemline didn’t look good on my finished product so I straightened the hem to a normal one and it looks much better. Hope you enjoy and have a GREAT day!  –  fashiontoppings

Recycled Quilt Tote by Suzie Lambert

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