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Recycled Curtain and Cushions!

I’m helping my youngest niece as she is moving house.  I’ve done some painting and some curtain alterations.  I even made a lace cafe curtain out of this one I had in my stash.  For the Play Room I offered her a full length tab-topped nursery curtainI had been given.  It was nice and bright with stripes at the top, and spots at the bottom.  

I unpicked and removed the tabs, and cut off the bottom panel to make it the right length.  All I had to do then was add new 3″ curtain tape to the top and the curtain was ready to hang.  Not the best photo, but you know how it is when you need the sun to shine.

The piece I cut off was in a contrasting spotty fabric, and had 3 of these Goosey Gander decorative panels on it.  Sam suggested I used them to make 3 cushions.  I cut them into squares 12″ across.  The fabric has an aqua background, and polka dots in blue, pink, yellow and green so I used recycled blue, pink and yellow sheeting to make the backs.


In my stocks I had a couple of 16″ blue and pink zippers and a 10″ yellow one, which was ideal.  The sheeting seemed a bit limp compared to the curtain fabric, so I added some lightweight fusible interfacing (Vilene 220/304) to bulk it up.


I used blue for the first cushion.  It came out a little too big (I was so worried I would make it too small) so I top-stitched around the edges.  I was more confident cutting the next two!


The blue and pink zippers were long enough to do it the easy way, simply dividing the back in half and using them to fill the gap, then (after moving the pull to the centre!) cutting the ends off and sewing it to the front.


I decided to use my overlocker to neaten the edges, and use the technique I learnt from Georgie Melot to ‘reduce bulk without trimming the corners’. Whilst concentrating on that, I managed to put the back on round the wrong way.  I had to unpick it all.  Then I undid the zipper too far and the pull came off!  Happily my other half popped in for a chat at that point and kindly got the pull back on for me.  I finished it without any more problems as you can see.


The last cushion had the yellow back and only a 10″ zipper, so inset the zipper.  It doesn’t look much different seen here with the other two.  I think they look very nice, and no, I didn’t want to put the zippers on the edge, I did that last time and decided I prefer it in the middle!


So there they are, three little cushions, for three little girls, in three different colours that co-ordinate with the curtain.  Sweet and simple.  (Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of the finished lace curtain!)


Sometimes, sewing (and recycling) can be so darn satisfying!


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