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Patriotic American Flag Pillows – Fast & Easy Sewing Projects

American Flag Pillow Sewing Project

Flag panels are an inexpensive way to show off your creativity while decorating your home to celebrate Independence Day. Try a fun fringed pillow with these free instructions from Warehouse Fabrics. You’ll need two flag panel pieces and two yards of the brush fringe as well as some polyester stuffing for each pillow.  This is a quick and simple sewing project for all ages.  


(Click fabrics for direct links for purchase at Warehouse Fabrics Inc.)


How To Sew A Stars and Stripes Pillow

Carol Chappell shows us how to sew a patriotic Stars and Stripes (or flag pillows) for July 4th!  These pillows are perfect all summer long for your home, the porch, cottage, anywhere you want to use them.  Carol says that this free sewing project was fun and quick to finish.  The fabrics shown here are sturdy twill giving the pillow cover body so it doesn’t flop over.  Carol used her Accuquilt  fabric cutter and star die to cut out the stars.

How to Make a Fourth of July Table Runner Quilt Top

How to Make a Fourth of July Table Runner Quilt Top

More Patriotic Sewing from SWN:


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