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Oversized Cardigan Upcycle with The Sustainable Seamstress

“Upcycled in this video is an over-sized and unflattering cardigan sweater,  tailored to the correct size and re-purposed  with a thrifted appliqued t-shirt to refashion the cardigan sweater into a wearable fashionable eco-friendly handmade wardrobe essential. ”

Watch the video DIY:

The Sustainable Seamstress is dedicated to slow fashion. Upcycled clothing for a large family committed to frugal living.  Jill enjoys working with her hands in many different ways including re-purposing old clothes into new ethical clothing. The Sustainable Seamstress channel will be focused on a passion for sewing and for re-purposing, and upcycling second hand clothing items into new sustainable eco-fashion for the family. Jill loves to thrift and loves vintage clothes and antiques. Finding clothes at thrift stores or yard sales and using those items creatively to make eco-fashion clothes for herself and kids is not only frugal but so much fun. Jill hopes to share some of the tips, tricks, and ideas she has come up with over her years of sewing.

Watch a little more about the Sustainable Seamstress:

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