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Not Your Granny’s Quilt: Textile Art for the Modern Home

by Cori George

Move over, calicos and plaids. There’s a new quilt in town! These designs are bold, modern, and unexpected. Any seamstress or craft aficionado will appreciate the incredible time and elaborate handiwork that goes into turning out one of these stunning works of art.

Braque Quilt Pattern by Melinda Lin



Modern quilts by SWN members:

Undersea Batik Quilt by Laurie

Undersea Batik Quilt by Laurie

Blues and Violets Modern Quilt by Rebecca Merry

Sunset at The Lake – Modern Circle Quilt by Heather Hughes

Rainbow Cot Quilt + Quilting Terminology – Bias Quilt by Linda Webb

Simple Modern Circle Quilt for a Boy by Emi Shimosato


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