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Long Winter Coat – DIY + Tips

For the very first time, April from coolripa patterns, cuts and stitches this lovely, cozy, long winter coat. Taking a pattern from an existing garment she feels is appropriate for her own sewing skills, she reproduces the coat with a super result.  A collar, facings, lining, pockets, and buttons.  April uses a  Juki HZL-G Series sewing machine.  April shares tons of good garment sewing tips in this video!

Watch now:

Sewing Materials Used:

  1. 4 yards of coat fabric – it really depends on your size and the length of your coat

  2. button(s)

  3. sewing machine

  4. an existing coat/blazer/jacket that fits you, to trace your pattern, you can also use a pattern from the store, or drape a new design yourself.  *See more about coat and jacket sewing in this helpful post right here at SWN.

  5. hand-sewing needle

  6. thread

More cozy winter garment sewing featured at SWN:

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