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Learn to Sew Baby Car Seat Pannier Bags

Baby Car Seat Pannier Bags to Sew

Warehouse Fabrics designed and demonstrates how to create these awesome baby car seat pannier bags with expandable cargo pockets!  This is a sewing project that I would be inclined to use a laminated cotton, vinyl, or an oilcloth to make the bags.  (I would never use the white fabric pictured because *my* kids would have destroyed them during the first hour.)  You can make your own laminated cotton, or you can buy it*. You could also use a heavy canvas to make these handy bags.  The cargo pockets are large enough to hold a toy and a sippy cup on each side.  Any new mom would love these bags.   If the expandable cargo pockets are not quite something you can handle right now, try a simple flat bag construction as done here with a chair tote for the patio.  


Oilcloth Wheeled Shopping Bag

Oilcloth Wheeled Shopping Bag

Sewing with laminates, oilcloth, and vinyl:


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