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How to Sew Basic, Rolled, and Mock Rolled Hems – Basic Sewing Techniques

How to Sew a Basic Hem By Stefanie of Girl. Inspired. for I Heart Nap Time.

A double fold hem is a standard method of finishing edges when sewing.  This type of hem provides a nice neat finish, helps to prevent fraying, and reinforces the edge of the sewing project.  Stefanie of Girl Inspired shows us this basic sewing technique.   [Get the Tutorial]

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How to Sew a Rolled Hem – from Stefanie Knaus“This video tutorial demonstrates the use of a rolled hem presser foot on the sewing machine. Rolled hems are a simple and quick solution to hemming garments and, particularly, slippery lightweight fabrics or those with a curved edge.”

How to Sew a Mock Rolled Hem ✂ Two Simple Methods: “Do you wish you had a serger to do a rolled hem? This method shows you how to achieve a very similar look using only a regular sewing machine. It shows how to do a regular hem and a wavy hem. Happy Sewing – Cindy” –  VintageToNew

More hemming tips and tutorials @ SWN:


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