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How-to Sew a Ladies Multi-Style Summer Dress

This is a very good video for anyone who wants to know about cutting and sewing on the bias, as well as how to make one of the easiest garments ever – that also offers a multitude of style variations with simple ties.  Stitchless TV explains why it is best to cut certain pattern pieces on the bias – diagonally according to the fabric grain line.  The dress is an excellent beginner sewing project.  Very simple design and only basic sewing skills required.  You learn to make ties for the sundress, and how to use them to create several different styles with this very easy to sew dress.   I did notice that the hem was turned under only once around the neckline.  You can get away with that with some knits, but I would always turn a hem twice, or serge the edge (fake serge!), or even bind the edges.  Tree used Swiss linen here and I would assume that it would fray if you did not deal with the raw edges.

“How-to Sew a Summer Dress with Stitchless TV. Sew a summer dress in silk for evening dress. The Swiss linen fabric came from The Cloth Shop on Portobello Rd.  But if made in black silk looks great as an evening dress. We’ve made these dresses in many different fabrics, floaty silks, denim, linen.” STITCHLESS TV how to sew fashion tutorials

Summer Dresses Sewn by You:


Weekender Dress – $23.99 Retail Price: $38.00 You Save: $14.01


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