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How to Make Embroidered Baby Burp Cloths from Cloth Diapers!

Stitch a basic flat cloth diaper into a baby burp cloth with just a few simple steps! Burp cloths are a fantastic gift idea to sew for new parents. These sweet burp cloths feature fun fabric prints and cute embroidery embellishments for a unique look.  Creating one-of-a-kind gifts is sew rewarding!

Written instructions for this tutorial can be found here!

“Transform a cloth diaper into a beautifully embroidered burp cloth. A stack of these burp cloths is a very handy gift for new parents! Find a variety of colorful and creative designs for this  and many other sewing projects at This video is part of Embroidery Library’s crafty and creative education series. We explore a variety of topics in great detail so you can replicate the steps in your own sewing room.” 

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