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Garment Renovation with Evelyn Wood

The concept of re-styling and re-fashioning garments is actually not new.  Evelyn Wood shares some amazing vintage sewing literature that clearly describes and discusses how “garment renovating” has been used and has evolved over time.  See the beautifully illustrated sewing tips and techniques.

Watch now:

This video is a conversation that was sparked from some comments I have received about how surprised some people were that refashioning was talked about in 1918 in my Girls Own Annual book. So I thought why not let’s chat about this subject if refashioning and upcycling is a new fad, as it seems! Or if indeed it was sewing skills that most possessed at one time in history. I will share with you some of the research from my own collection of vintage sewing books and what they tell us about refashion old clothes from the past! Evelyn Wood


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