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Garment Construction: Learn to Fit a Dress Pattern + Free Spring PDF Patterns

“In her three-part Learn to Fit video series Melissa Watson, McCall’s designer and certified sewing instructor, uses the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fit method to show you how to successfully achieve a perfect fit with all of your patterns. This video addresses princess seams for a great fit in the bodice area using McCall’s pattern M6989 designed by Melissa Watson.” – McCall Pattern

Watch now:

Garment Construction: Learn to Fit a Dress Pattern + 4 Free Spring PDF Patterns

McCall’s M6989 Dress Sewing Pattern by Melissa Watson

Learning to fit and make garment pattern adjustments can take time and some practice, but once the fitting is done, your clothing will fit, look, and feel like a million dollars! Fitting your sewing pattern is done before the first pattern piece is cut from your fabric, and continues throughout the assembly and construction of your garment. Fitting is not done just once, but as a series of alterations made throughout the creative adventure of customizing the fit of your garment.

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Free Spring Patterns:



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