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Five+ Quilting Tips | Tricks Using Masking Tape

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Karen from Just Get It Done Quilts shares her five quick and simple sewing/quilting hacks that will improve your quilting skills and accuracy!  Such an inexpensive and simple tool that most of us have in a junk drawer or workshop.

Watch now:

More tape tips:

  1. Tape only one direction at a time, don’t overlap or cross your tape lines.

  2. Use masking tape that doesn’t have the new paint resistant adhesive. It is too sticky for fabric.

  3. Remove the tape from your projects if you no longer need those lines.  The longer you leave the tape on your quilting project, the higher the risk is of a residue being left on the fabric that can possibly stain if it ages.  Get it done!

  4. Make sure that your sewing needle needle doesn’t ever pierce your tape!  Tape adhesive will coat the shaft of your needle and cause you all kinds of problems you don’t want with your project and your sewing machine.

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