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Fabric Options for Making Kids’ Pajamas – by Linda A Levine + 5 Free Patterns

Choosing a perfect pair of kids’ pajamas can prove to be a very perplexing task for sewers and for parents irrespective of factors like nationality or ethnicity. Comfort of the child is an aspect that no parent would consciously compromise on. To this effect, it is imperative for pajamas to be a comfortable fit, not to mention adding a flavor of fun to the entire process of going to bed. Given the fact that children have sensitive skin, being aware of the myriad of fabric options available in the market is important for parents.

Kids Lounge Pants sewn by Dede Hayes

by Dede Hayes!

What are the factors on which I should base my choice of fabric for my child’s sleepwear?

Seasonal variation should be foremost on your mind while shopping for kids’ pajamas. Thermal fluctuations, possible allergies, moisture absorption and ease of washing are other equally important factors, especially if you reside close to the coast or in cities wherein you are more exposed to air-borne bacteria and fungi. In such a situation, sewers and parents can consider a variety of natural or man-made fabrics and compare them in terms of pros and cons. Because every material possesses its own unique set of characteristics, like basic level of softness, the onus is on the parent to identify one which would suit their child best. [Sew Interesting: Organic Fabrics – What are They and Why Should We Use Them?]

Which are the fabrics that I am likely to come across while shopping and how does each one rate as compared to the others?

Cotton, fleece, satin, linen, flannel and polyester are some of the most popular options in which kids’ pajamas can be made and found, although nowadays variations like organic cotton and bamboo which were unheard of before, are readily available too.

Following is a brief synopsis of each fabric and what it entails in terms of usage –

Cotton is a 100% natural fabric and perhaps the most widely preferred material because it is light-weight, soft and durable. Added advantages accrue from its ability to breathe as also being cost-effective. If you are strong supporter of natural fibers, then you can choose organic cotton pajamas. Make your pajamas out of cotton or bamboo that has been cultivated sans chemicals, these hold the promise of providing your child with pure and unadulterated comfort.

Linen Fabric at FabricMart

Beautiful striped linen, perfect for summer sleepwear!

Linen is an eco-friendly, sophisticated and non-allergic natural fabric which boasts of its own pH balance. It is cool to touch, breathes like human skin and is capable of deflecting heat, a trait which enables it to maintain body temperature. Owing to being durable and an insect repellent, it emerges as one of the strongest recommendations for kids’ clothing, especially nightwear.

Fleece‘s attributes, namely softness, warmth and lightweight nature render this synthetic fabric an ideal option for kids’ footie pajamas. As nightwear, fleece feels cozy, is wrinkle free and does not take much time to dry, thus calling for minimal maintenance.  [Video: How to Sew with Fleece]

Girls long-sleeved flannel nightie by Jenifer Morris

by Jenifer Morris

Flannel is a soft but heavier weave of cotton, wool, or other synthetic fiber due to which it is particularly protective on cold winter nights. Another great benefit for using flannel pajamas is that the material gets softer and cozier with time, thus eliminating the possibility of rashes or frequent replacement. Flannel is napped on one or both sides and uses a plain or twill weave.

Polyester is another cost-effective yet extremely durable synthetic fabric. Softness personified, it is hydrophobic in nature and hence is liable not just to retain its shape but remain free of wrinkles too.

Fabric is only one of the several aspects that govern buying of kids’ pajamas but it is a factor which no parent can afford to ignore or overlook.  After all, careful selection does provide unparalleled comfort to the child and what could be a better reward than watching your junior gleefully donning his nightwear and according it the status of second skin?



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eGuide: 3 Printable Lingerie Sewing Tutorials


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