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Beginner Quilting Designs – Minute Motifs

We’ve really enjoyed the free Minute Motif video series from Handi Quilter. Minute Motifs spotlight fun and quick designs you can practice and customize for your own quilting projects. Practice by following patterns with your finger before quilting them. Once you get the feel for a design, you’ll discover ways to nest and repeat. As beginner quilters, we tend to want to stay in our safe zones with straight lines. These straight-forward demo videos will inspire you to try new designs, and you will realize that quilting designs do not need to be intricate to look nice. Unfortunately we don’t own a long-arm quilting machine here at SWN, nor are we overly experienced in free motion quilting on any machine. However, we’ve found these designs to be fun to practice, and many of these designs took little time to master on an everyday sewing machine.

Watch them all or just a few, each clip is under a minute long:


Handi Quilter / Handi Gadgets Handi Batting Scissors are specially designed and made to make it easy to cut batting.


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