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Basic Sewing Terms and Fabric Anatomy

Basic Sewing Terms and Fabric Anatomy

The Anatomy of Fabric:

In this free sewing video, Angel Peterson of FleeceFun explains the different parts of fabric. This is an important beginner sewing lesson that will help with any sewing pattern you are working on. Angel will explain “cross grain”, “selvage edge”, and what the “wrong” sides are. Learn the sewing terminology for fabrics in this quick sewing lesson.

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The Types of Fabrics:

Angel Peterson from will explain all the different types of fabric and what to choose for specific sewing patterns. If you are a beginning sewist, learn what is the easiest fabric to sew. In this quick video, Angel will explain the properties of each type of fabric.

Getting to Know Fabric – with Laura Coia of SewVeryEasy

Bias, straight of grain, width of fabric and what do the dots mean? All this and more when you get to know your fabric.


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