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Advice for Choosing and Shopping for a Sewing Machine

Three experienced sewers offer their advice for choosing and shopping for a sewing machine.  Stephanie covers machines for quilting, Erica discusses basic home sewing machines, and Melanie Ham reviews machines under $200 for the beginner!  Good information here.  Bookmark this page!

Stephanie Soebing from Quilt Addicts Anonymous offers some advice for sewing machine shopping. This video reviews everything you need to know about buying a sewing machine for quilting.  Stephanie also discusses the many features and accessories you need for quilting, brands that are good, with a variety of price points so you can get a great machine no matter what your budget, The importance of buying from a local quilt shop or sewing machine repair shop vs. a big box store is also addressed, and how much money you will need to spend to get a good sewing machine. Subscribe to the Quilt Addicts Anonymous channel for more here.



Erica Arndt from Confessions of a Homeschooler gives her take on choosing a sewing machine.  Erica shares with you her favorite sewing machine features that she thinks will be helpful in your search for a machine that will be best for basic home sewing and quilting. Erica also shares some tips on choosing a good sewing machine for beginners too!



This video with Melanie Ham shares the things she likes to look for while searching for a new sewing machine.  This list features sewing machines that are under $200. Hopefully this helps you to narrow your list and gives you some good information to use to compare. Subscribe to Melanie Ham’s Youtube channel here.

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