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33 Free Sewing Tutorials for Great Holiday Gifts!

33 DIY Gift Sewing Tutorials with Rob Appell from ManSewing:

Gifts to Sew for Everyone on Your List!

  1. Sew a Quilt for a Doll Bed – KIDS

  2. Sew a Workshop Apron with Leg Straps – MEN

  3. Sew a Basic Doll Bed Ruffle – KIDS

  4. Stitch an Awesome Knitting Tool Caddy – – EVERYONE

  5. Sew and Customize & Embellish a Hoodie – EVERYONE

  6. Sew a Kraft Tex Journal Cover – LADIES

  7. Sew the Perfect Tablet Prop Up Pillow!  – EVERYONE

  8. Sew the Easiest Swaddle Baby Blanket Ever – BABIES

  9. Create Fantastic 3-D Flowers and Leaves Out of Fabric! – LADIES

  10. Sew a Cozy Dog Bed with Shannon Cuddle Fabric – BABIES

  11. The “Bad Call Ball” – Create a Soft, Easy-to-Sew Indoor Ball – KIDS, BABIES

  12. Sewing Easy PJ Pants with Border Print Fabric & French Seams – EVERYONE

  13. Stitch a Coffee/Hot Chocolate Travel Kit out of Kraft-tex – EVERYONE

  14. Sewing a Denim Messenger Bag  – EVERYONE

  15. Sew a Cool Tote Bag with Pockets, Piping, and Lining! – EVERYONE

  16. Sew a Dresden Template Pillow – EVERYONE

  17. Create an Action Figure Holder – KIDS

  18. Create Fabric Postcards – EVERYONE

  19. Pet Screen Earring Holder – LADIES

  20. Framed Fiber Art – EVERYONE

  21. Sew a Drawstring Bag Toy Play Mat – KIDS

  22. Sew a Pentagon Ball – KIDS, BABIES

  23. Sew a Ballistic Beach Bag with Pet Screen – EVERYONE

  24. How to Sew a BBQ Utility Apron – MEN

  25. Sew a Tech Charging Station – MEN

  26. How to Sew a Cord Keeper – MEN

  27. How to Sew an Earbud Holder with Snaps – MEN

  28. Sew a Weighted Pin Cushion with Scrap Bag – EVERYONE

  29. How to Sew a Super Hero Cape – KIDS

  30. Sew a Leather Applique Pillow – EVERYONE

  31. Sew a Guitar or Camera Strap – MEN

  32. How to Build and Sew a Teepee – KIDS

  33. Sew Your Own Circular Napkins – And Fold ‘Em Like Christmas Trees! – EVERYONE

See more about Rob Appell here!


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